Don’t try to conquer the world on an empty stomach.

We all know someone who becomes a bit hangry when lunchtime is approaching, and who can blame them? The foods you put into your body are building blocks that will determine how your body functions. Scientists even found a direct link between your gut and your brain. This implies that a happy stomach does lead to a happier life, so why not try to improve this facet of our lives? We’re not saying you can’t cheat now and then; who doesn’t? However, you can make small changes in your diet that can significantly affect how you feel and perform.

During the Nutrition and Mood section of the program, we’ll guide you through simple concepts and practical advice about the relationship between nutrition and your well-being. You’ll learn simple guidelines to incorporate into your daily routine to enhance your physical and mental health.

Be sure to check out this feature for more tips on putting together your meals so they are not only delicious but also provide you with the best nutrients to boost your mood and energy levels. By the end of this section, you’ll have a better understanding of how to use nutrition as a tool to improve your overall quality of life.